ABT - Engine Technology Audi Q8

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Stand out with this incredible ABT Power S for all Audi Q8 4M80. Years: 2018 - Present

Power Upgrade:

  • 55 TFSI (3,0l) DCBD: 250 kW (340 HP) & 500 Nm => 300 kW (408 HP), 550 Nm
  • 3,0 TDI DHXC: 170 kW (231 HP), 500 Nm => 197 kW (268 HP), 540 Nm
  • 50 TDI (3,0l) DHXA: 210 kW (286 HP), 600 Nm => 243 kW (330 HP), 650 Nm
  • 55 TFSIe (3,0ltr) DCBE: 280kW (380HP) & 600Nm => 330 kW (448 HP), 650 Nm
  • 60 TFSIe (3,0ltr) DCBE: 340kW (462 HP) & 700Nm=> 390 KW (530 HP), 750 Nm


  • bracket set
  • cable harness
  • mounting kit

In this technology, the ABT Power Software is used in an additional engine control unit, the ABT Engine Control (AEC). Thus, ABT ensures the high standard in performance increase also in new developments and increasingly high-tech in vehicles.

Your advantage: The serial engine control unit remains untouched and the vehicle is completely diagnosable. And when it comes to the quality of AEC, the high standards of the VW Group apply.

ABT's commitment is to bring out the best in every engine is part of ABT's family tradition. Whether the task at hand is the optimization of the electronic engine management or retrofitting a turbocharger - where performance upgrades are concerned, we are in our element, making us the world's No. 1 for cars from Audi, VW, Seat, and Skoda. What's more, thanks to the experience we have acquired through years of professional racing, we know that it isn't only about power, but also durability. In the end, only a combination of the two can ensure true and lasting driving pleasure.

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