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While primarily used on various coupes, such as VW GTI, Hyundai Veloster, Honda Civic, Dodge Challenger, Subaru BR-Z, MINI Cooper and others, this line could also be used on 4-door sedans and hatchbacks, such as Mazda3 (your fabrication talents will come into play though as you will have to get creative with the door opening). Sliders come in 2 different sizes, have a flat profile and have uneven-sized ends (with one being “fatter”). While primarily mounted over rear quarter panels, we’ve seen instances where people mount them “backwards” over front fenders.

    Now sold as a kit with everything you need to complete the installation. Kit includes:

    • Pair (qty.2) of flares
    • Rubber Gasket 
    • Installation Hardware (Type 3)

     There are 2 measurements: 7cm (2.7") and 12cm (4.7")

    Make sure to read this – you will need to drill and cut your original fender flares and/or quarter panels in order to install these fender flares on your car.
    Our overfenders are installed with rivets and bolts – you will need to drill your stock fenders and/or quarter panels.

    You will need to install a lowered suspension and wider wheels to achieve the right stance.

    Use a heat gun (or a hairdryer) to heat up the flares and mould them into place to follow factory body lines. The flares are really pliable and that’s what sets them apart from fiberglass flares.


    This Fender Flares comes with rubber gasket and Type 3 installation hardware.

    Optional  Type 1, and Type 2 are also available.

    The choice of hardware type is nothing more than personal preference – pick the style that you like the best!

    Universal Fitment:

    These fender flares could be installed on many makes and models with minor customization. Check the dimensions of these flares and cross-reference with your wheel well opening.

    High-quality Materials:

    We manufacture all of our products out of high-quality 3-millimetre ABS-plastic – same material OE bumpers are made out of.


    The finished product does not increase the overall vehicle weight.

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