Floßmann - Rear Wing GT2 DTM

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Stand out with this incredible Flossman Rear Wing GT2 DTM. Universal fitting


  • Rear Wing Profile
  • End Plates
  • Holders


  • Width: 180cm
  • Depth: 30cm
  • Holder Distance: 80cm


  • Finest Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber
  • Superior Stiffness, aerospace strength and durability
  • Universal Fitting

The world of motorsport is an exciting one, full of passion, action and adrenalin. Being actively involved in motorsport is part of Floßmann Auto Design. It embodies the sportiness and the perfection of the art of design and engineering. Floßmann Auto Design is true racing. For almost 40 years, our teams have tasted success all over the world. We are working hard to ensure that this success story shows no sign of ending anytime soon.

Floßmann Auto Design offers customer racing teams around the world an extensive range of body kits to successfully contest races around the world. No matter whether you are a motorsport rookie, an ambitious racer or GT specialist with the highest standards, Floßmann Auto Design has the right car for every level of national and international racing.