Maxton Design - Central Rear Splitter (with vertical bars) BMW Series 1 E81 / E87 M-Pack Facelift

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Central Rear Splitter (with vertical bars) for your BMW Series 1 E81 / E87 M-Pack Facelift. (Years: 2007 - 2011)

Fits: BMW 1 E81/ E87 M-PACK FACELIFT 2007- 2011



This central rear splitter for BMW 1 E81/E87 M-Pack Facelift is a very stylish tuning component that will aid you in making the appearance of your car fresher. This element can be found in the rich assortment of Maxton Design – a producer that specializes in the creation of splashy and durable vehicle equipment. This line of goods is filled with spoilers, splitters, bumpers, side skirts, and diffusers with the help of which you will not only spice up the looks of your machine, but also upgrade its aerodynamic properties. The mentioned central rear splitter is made of ABS plastic and stands apart with its modern design.

Why is it worth it to choose the central rear splitter for BMW 1 E81/E87 M-Pack Facelift?
- it comes prepared for mounting
- it’s accessible in a number of surface finishes
- it’s UV-protected

In the manufacturing process of this central rear splitter dedicated to BMW 1 E81/E87 M-Pack Facelift we applied innovative ABS plastic. It is an elastic, durable, and resistant to all sorts of damage material which is used in the making of standard vehicle outfitting elements, and elegant tuning parts, too. Maxton Design is a brand that has come to be recognized for high-grade tuning because the ABS that we employ is certified with the TUV which is a confirmation of its exceptional flair.

The showy central rear splitter for BMW 1 E81/E87 M-Pack Facelift stands out with an original design. Thanks to the presence of this valance your vehicle will gain more of a racing style, and you will be able to enjoy even more comfortable driving experience. The item can be acquired in three interesting surface structure options: gloss, carbon, and textured. This allows you to come up with tuning which is much more personal and accentuates the character of your BMW 1 E81/E87 M-Pack Facelift slickly. This product is secured with a UV-repelling coating. Each and every part from the Maxton Design store undergoes a detailed quality control before shipping – this way we can eliminate the majority of suboptimal elements from distribution.

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