Maxton Design - Racing Side Skirts Diffusers BMW Series 4 F32 M-Pack

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Racing Side Skirts Diffusers for your BMW Series 4 F32 M-Pack. (Years: 2013 - 2019)

Fits: BMW 4 F32 M-PACK 2013 - 2019


  • Mounting kit

Maxton Design is one of the best known suppliers of high-grade components of optical car tuning. The brand is recognized for the making of advanced, aesthetic, and premium-flair elements with the help of which you can efficiently boost your vehicle’s aerodynamics and enhance its presentation, too. The store’s assortment is filled with spoilers, side skits, splitters, diffusers, and bumpers. Each of the listed parts is manufactured out of the best materials sourced from renown providers. In our offer the products dedicated to BMW 4 F32 M-Pack are not amiss either. One of such products are these unique racing side skirts diffusers.

Why is it worth to choose the racing side skirts diffusers for BMW 4 F32 M-Pack?
- they’re produced from ABS (CNC)
- they show an aesthetic design
- they’ve been granted the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certification
- they have UV protection
- they also fit BMW 4 F32

These sprauncy racing side skirts diffusers for BMW 4 F32 M-Pack came to be with the usage of ABS (CNC). It is a material commonly applied in the automotive industry due to its durability, and insusceptibility to damage. This is precisely the reason why it is so suitable to be utilized in the making of optical tuning parts, as well as, other elements of staple vehicle bodywork. The material is TUV certified which stands as a confirmation of its great quality. The Maxton Design diffusers are topped with a special coating that secures the against the harmful effects of UV-radiation.

The mounting of the racing side skirts diffusers for BMW 4 F32 M-Pack is an exceptional solution to freshen the looks of your car. Thanks to the usage of ABS (CNC) these products are characterized by flat form. They will make the position of the coachwork appear lower which contributes to more of a sharp and racing-like look. They will go especially well added to a racing front splitter. These elements do not have to be painted and are very simple to install. If high-end side skirts diffusers of stand-out design are what you have been searching for, products by Maxton Design will assuredly be to your liking and up to your standards.

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