Maxton Design - Rear Diffuser Audi RS6 C6

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Rear Diffuser for your Audi RS6 C6. (Years: 2008 - 2010)


Audi RS6 C6 2008- 2010


  • Mounting kit

Maxton Design is a company with an international reach. The brand’s specialty is the manufacturing of modern and aesthetic diffusers, splitters, bumpers, bumpers, side skirts and spoilers. These elements are mean for installation in several different vehicle brands. Thanks to the listed items you will boost aerodynamics and enhance visuals of your car all by yourself. The producer also offer as wide variety of tuning accessories such as wings, eyebrows, and frames for lights. To make these components we employ the best materials rewarded with quality certificates. With Audi RS6 C6 in mind we came up with this cutting-edge rear diffuser. The element display an imaginative form and comes fit for immediate installation.

Why is the Audi RS6 C6 rear diffuser worth taking interest in?
- it has a UV-repelling layer
- it’s resistant to moisture
- freshens the vehicle’s visuals
- doesn’t need to be painted

This rear diffuser for Audi RS6 C6 is produced using the CNC technology with ABS plastic. The material is lasting, flexible, and resistant to chemical and mechanical damage. It does not succumb to the harmful effects of moisture and is not vulnerable to extreme temperatures. ABS is used in the production of many high-quality automotive products including primary vehicle outfitting and optical tuning parts. The rear diffuser proposed by Maxton Design has been granted the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certification as an affirmation of its quality. It is also coated with a layer securing it from the negative effects of UV radiation.

This rear diffuser for Audi RS6 C6 stand apart with its original design. The product is comprised of flat elements which is characteristic of ABS-made CNC finished components. The diffuser lowers the bodywork and fleshes out the racing character of the car.

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