Maxton Design - Spoiler Cap BMW Series 1 F40 M-Pack

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Spoiler Cap for your BMW Series 1 F40 M-Pack. (Years: 2019 - Present)


BMW 1 F40 M-Pack 2019 -      



Are you looking for optical tuning parts for your BMW 1 F40 M-Pack? The Maxton Design product installed in this model will contribute to a slick racing-like look, and give it an aerodynamic boost – traction and driving stability at high speeds. Maxton Design is well-recognized on the international market, and since 2006 has been focusing on the making of visual tuning components. In our robust assortment you can find aesthetic side skirts, front and rear bumpers, splitters, diffusers and spoilers. These items are dedicated to a vast array of popular vehicle brands, models, and production dates so that even the most fastidious clients can find something for themselves here. This spoiler cap conceived by the Maxton Design designers will surely be of interest to you.

Why should you buy the spoiler cap for BMW 1 F40 M-Pack?
- it’s made of ABS
- it’s got the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certificate
- it sports a neat design
- it’s protected with a UV-repelling coating

This spoiler cap by Maxton Design targeted towards BMW 1 F40 M-Pack is created from high-grade ABS plastic certified with the TUV. This material is very often applied in the making of essential car outfitting parts, and splashy visual tuning components. ABS is simultaneously flexible, and durable, and it is known for its resistance to the influence of various weather conditions. It remains unharmed even when exposed to moisture, and low or high temperatures – it will not undergo any deformation. The ABS components by Maxton Design are available in three surface looks: textured, gloss, or carbon.

The Maxton Design spoiler cap for BMW 1 F40 M-Pack will greatly enhance the presentation of the entire vehicle, and it will also better its driving stability and traction – its overall aerodynamic properties will be improved. The air flowing around the bodywork will cause higher pressures to be exerted on the rear axle at high velocities. This element will be a practical, and a visual upgrade that will make your BMW 1 F40 M-Pack a truly stand-out machine.

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