Maxton Design - Spoiler Extension Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce

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Standout with this incredible Maxton Design Spoiler Extension for all Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce. (Years: 2015 - Present)




To make the tuning of your Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce more showy and functional you should pick a cutting-edge spoiler extension. It will notably boost the aerodynamics and its slick design will be a unique addition to your vehicle. By purchasing the high-quality Maxton Design products, you allow yourself to spectacularly transform the visuals of your vehicle with the best reversible tuning components.

Why the purchase of this Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce spoiler extension is a good move?
- it’s straightforward to install
- made of tough material
- comes in 3 surface finish versions
- has double-sided tape included

This Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce spoiler extension is a tuning element that when installed will give you many advantages. The main ones are improved aerodynamic and aesthetics. The airflow around the bodywork of the car presses on the rear axle with more force resulting in the increase of traction at higher speeds. It’s a good idea to install this element if you wish to decorate your car quickly and neatly. It comes with double-sided tape for the ease of mounting. To make the item suit your exact preferences you can also choose from different surface look effects: gloss, textured, or carbon.

The spoiler extension for Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce is a component in production of which the innovative ABS plastic was used. It’s exceptionally durable, elastic, and resistant to extreme weather conditions. Due to such features it’s great not only for the manufacturing of optical tuning parts, but for standard vehicle equipment pieces, as well. This spoiler extension for Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce will allow you to equip your car well, increasing both driving comfort and overall appearance.

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