Renegade Design - Wide Body Kit BMW X7 G07

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Stand out with this incredible Renegade Design Wide Body Kit for your BMW X7 G07. (Years: 2018 - Present)

Materials for all parts:

  • Basalt
  • Carbon Fiber

This Kit Includes: 

All these parts can be bought individually.

For the manufacture of body kit parts, there were used high-strength materials that do not overload the car frame.

The BMW X7 with a tuning body kit made by “Renegade-Design” is not just a majestic appearance - it's a mirror of your inner world. A strong nature is recognized with a glance. The BMW X7 Renegade catches your eyes once and for all.

To discover your vehicle’s personality Renegade offers a tuning kit, that was designed specifically for this make and model.