Maxton Design - Central Rear Splitter Audi RS6 C5 Avant

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Central Rear Splitter for your Audi RS6 C5 Avant. (Years: 2002 - 2004)

Fits: AUDI RS6 C5 AVANT 2002 - 2004



If you are considering getting an eye-catching central rear splitter the best products of this kind can be found in the Maxton Design offer. The assortment of our items is really broad. In it, you will find unique spoilers, splitters, side skirts, and bumpers. All of these components are made of materials of flawless quality and stand out with sturdiness and resilience to damage. With those of you who drive an Audi RS6 C5 Avant in mind this advanced central rear splitter was conceived. This element stands apart with it out-of-the-box design and its mounting will assuredly accentuate your vehicle’s style.

Why is this central rear splitter for Audi RS6 C5 Avant worth picking?
- it’s available in 3 distinct surface finishes
- it’s secured from the harmful influence of UV radiation
- it’s manufactured from high-quality materials
- TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN confirms its flair

The Audi RS6 C5 Avant central rear splitter is a product made of certified ABS plastic. The most important properties of this material include elasticity, durability, and resistance to damage. Thanks to these characteristics ABS is utilized in the automotive industry very frequently since it works so well in the production of optical tuning elements and staple car equipment, as well. Due to this fact all of the Maxton Design parts are high-end components that you will not regret paying for. They allow you to outfit your car in a showy way and ensure your own comfort of driving, too.

The central rear splitter for Audi RS6 C5 Avant is an exceptionally attractive an element. It adds to the machines racing aesthetic in a significant way. Its installation will constitute a great supplementation for rear side splitters, side skirts, and a front splitter. This product is dedicated to those of you who want to make their car stand out on the road with components of the highest flair available. If this is what you are into you should not wait any longer and take a look at the full assortment of our items for Audi RS6 C5 Avant.

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