Maxton Design - Central Rear Splitter Audi S6 C7 Avant (With Vertical Bars)

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Central Rear Splitter for your Audi S6 C7 Avant (With Vertical Bars). (Years: 2012 - 2014)


Audi S6 C7 Avant 2012-2014


  • Mounting kit
  • Mounting manual

If you own an Audi S6 C7 Avant and you want to equip it with high-end optical tuning components, the Maxton Design line-up will certainly be to your liking. Here you will find spoilers, splitters, and side skirts dedicated to this exact model. The element that is especially attention-worth is the central rear splitter. In its manufacturing ABS plastic was utilized, as it is a material that sees a vast use in the automotive industry.

Why is it worth it to choose this Audi S6 C7 Avant central rear splitter?
- it’s resilient to moisture and temperature
- comes in a variety of surface finishes
- doesn’t have to be painted
- it’s delivered fit for installation right away
- it’s UV-protected

The installation of the central rear splitter for Audi S6 C7 Avant is a swift solution for a visual overhaul. Thanks to this product your vehicle will gain an aesthetic modernized presentation. It is characterized by imaginative design that makes it stand apart significantly. To personalize your tuning fully you get to choose from the 3 available surface looks: carbon, textured, or gloss. The part will complement the tuning of the rear side of your machine and you will be pleased with a stylish car that draws amazed looks of all the enthusiasts of optical tuning.

The Audi S6 C7 Avant central rear splitter was created thanks to the application of ABS plastic. The material is damage-resistant, flexible, and durable. It works perfectly in the manufacturing of elementary car outfitting components and visual tuning parts, alike. This is why picking high-grade Maxton Design products is a great decision that will result in your car becoming more interesting and even more comfortable to drive than ever before.

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