Maxton Design - Central Rear Splitter Audi S6 C7 Avant (Without Vertical Bars)

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Central Rear Splitter for your Audi S6 C7 Avant (Without Vertical Bars). (Years: 2012 - 2014)


Audi S6 C7 Avant 2012-2014


  • Mounting kit
  • Mounting manual

Maxton Design is a brand that has been active on the market for a significant period of time. The manufacturer specializes in the production of functional and neat spoilers, bumpers, side skirts, and splitter. Generally, everything that you could need to perform some optical vehicle tuning. A large group of products is comprised of elements dedicated to Audi. Among there there is this central rear splitter without vertical bars for Audi S6 C7 Avant. It is an aesthetic product that will freshen your car’s visuals and contribute to its racing style.

Why is it worth it to choose the Audi S6 C7 Avant central rear splitter without vertical bars?
- it’s made of ABS
- requires no painting
- comes in 3 surface look versions
- it has UV protection

The central rear splitter for Audi S6 C7 Avant is a component with a typically aesthetic function. It stands apart with its imaginative design and will constitute an eye-catching decoration for your machine. It is available in carbon, textured, or gloss surface structure varieties. This selection allows you to make tuning that accentuates the silhouette of your Audi S6 C7 Avant in the way you see fit. Additionally, we offer a choice of a white or red decorative stripe. This central rear splitter without vertical bars is delivered with clear instructions and a mounting kit included.

The Audi S6 C7 Avant central rear splitter without vertical bars is produced from cutting-edge ABS. It is a material broadly used in the automotive industry. This is due to its useful properties like durability, flexibility, and resistance to moisture and extreme temperatures. The ABS applied by Maxton Design has received the TUV certificate which further confirms its premium quality. This way you can rest assured that the tuning that you are picking will not only be stylish but lasting, as well.

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