Maxton Design - Central Rear Splitter (with vertical bars) BMW Series 5 F11 M-Pack

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Central Rear Splitter (Fits two double exhaust ends) for your BMW Series 5 F11 M-Pack Sedan / Estate. (Years: 2011 - 2016)

Fits: BMW 5 series F11 sedan/estate M-PACK (2011-) fits two double exhaust ends



Maxton Design is in the leading edge of the optical tuning world’s market. The brand has been active for many years and has come to be known and renown by sports cars enthusiasts in many countries across all continents. The company is focused on the manufacturing of spoilers, side skirts, bumpers, splitters, and diffusers. These elements can be matched with a large selection of car models and such a robust assortment is the reason Maxton Design has become one of the most competitive producers on the market. The product that is especially attention-worthy is this central rear splitter for BMW 5 F11 M-Pack. The component is meant to be installed in the vehicle version with two double exhaust ends.

Why should you consider buying the central rear splitter for BMW 5 F11 M-Pack?
- it’s produced from ABS
- it doesn’t have to be painted
- it’s accessible in variable surface looks
- it shows an out-of-the-box design

This central rear splitter for BMW 5 F11 M-Pack gets made thanks to the application of cutting-edge ABS plastic. The material is highly durable, elastic, and damage-resistant. This is precisely why it works so well in the making of optical tuning components, as well as, other elements of staple car outfitting. Overall, ABS has many different uses across the automotive industry. The material is certified with the TUV and the splitter itself is secured with a UV-repelling coating.

The central rear splitter for BMW 5 F11 M-Pack is just a one of many elements with the help of which you will alter the visuals of your machine. Thanks to this product your vehicle will gain a sharp racing-like appearance. The splitter will be especially presentable alongside a front splitter, side skirts, and rear side splitters. Any BMW 5 F11 M-Pack equipped with such gear will be an eye-catching machine that will certainly be appreciated by any tuning fan. To create tuning that is fully personal and adjusted to your taste you can choose one of the three available surface structure options: carbon, textured, gloss. Additionally, you can pick up a decorative stripe, red or white, to put on your splitter to spice it up even more.

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