Maxton Design - Central Rear Splitter (without vertical bars) BMW Series 8 Coupe M-Pack G15

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Central Rear Splitter (without vertical bars) for your BMW Series 8 Coupe M-Pack G15. (Years: 2018 - Present)


BMW 8 Coupe M-Pack G15 2018 - 

Fit only cars with a carbon package.

Complete set contains:


Maxton Design is one of the most popular producers of optical vehicle tuning in the world. The brand focuses on the manufacturing of highly durable spoilers, side skirts, splitters, diffusers, and bumpers. For tuning fans we also prepared a selection of cutting-edge gadgets in the form of wings, eyebrows, and frames for lights. With the aid of such components you will freshen the appearance and boost aerodynamics of your machine. The BMW 8 Coupe M-Pack G15 will surely be interested in this advanced central rear splitter. The product comes fit for mounting and spices you the car’s character.

Why is it worth it to consider the purchase of the BMW 8 Coupe M-Pack G15 central rear splitter?
- it’s UV-secured
- it has a variety of surface finishes
- it’s resistant to moisture
- it’s got the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certificate
- doesn’t have to be painted

This central rear splitter for BMW 8 Coupe M-Pack G15 exhibits a unique form and will be a great complement for other outfitting. It will lower the optical position of the coachwork thanks to which your vehicle will gain more of a racing aesthetic. The element can be purchased along with a red or white decorative stripe. The splitter comes in 3 varied surface looks: textured, gloss, and carbon.

The BMW 8 Coupe M-Pack G15 central rear splitter is produced from elastic and durable ABS. It was conceived with the automotive industry in mind and that is where it has the most of its uses. The material is not susceptible to moisture and does not wear off under the influence of high or low temperatures. ABS works beautifully in the manufacturing of tuning parts, as well as, many components that comprise staple vehicle equipment. This Maxton Design central rear splitter is TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certified. The product is topped with a layer that secures it against UV radiation.

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