Maxton Design - Ducktail Spoiler BMW M3 E92

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Ducktail Spoiler for your BMW M3 E92. (Years: 2007 - 2013)

Fits: BMW M3 E92 2007 - 2013



Maxton Design is a creator of premium-grade components of visual tuning for vehicles, known and well-regarded all around the world. Thanks to a broad selection of products like splitters, diffusers, spoilers, bumpers, and side skirts the company has become on of the most significant players in the automotive industry. Each and every of the mentioned parts is produced out of certified materials sourced only from the best European suppliers. In our online store you will find a large number of components dedicated to the owners of BMW M3 E92. Among these items, the one that especially stands apart is this elegant ducktail spoiler aimed towards this exact model.

What is special about the BMW M3 E92 ducktail spoiler?
- it’s certified with the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN
- it’s made of lasting fiberglass
- it improves visuals and aerodynamics
- it shows a unique form

The fiberglass applied in the production processes of this ducktail spoiler for BMW M3 E92 is durable, flexible, and weather-resistant a material. It is very well suited as far as the manufacturing of tuning and staple car outfitting go and due to its practical properties it sees a common usage in the automotive industry. The fiberglass employed at Maxton Design is TUV certified to ensure the utmost quality and long time of use for our items. The spoiler itself has been rewarded with the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certification.

The BMW M3 E92 ducktail spoiler is a stand-out optical tuning component that will become a slick addition to your vehicle’s appearance, but it will also improve its driving comfort definably. It will cause higher pressure to be exerted on the rear axle by the air passing around the bodywork. This allows for a boost to traction and stability at high velocities. By choosing the Maxton Design ducktail spoiler for BMW M3 E92 you can rest assured that you are inventing your money in a presentable product that will serve you for a very long time.

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