Maxton Design - Front Bumper BMW Series 3 E46 (4 door saloon)

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Front Bumper for your BMW Series 3 E46 (4 door saloon). (Years: 1998 - 2007)

Fits: BMW 3 E46 Saloon versions 1998 - 2007



Maxton Design is among the most recognizable producers of high-end optical tuning parts in the world. The manufacturer offers a broad assortment of splitters, side skirts, spoilers, bumpers, and diffusers. With the aid of these elements you will successfully and stylishly equip your machine, and also influence its aerodynamics positively. Maxton Design makes components that can be mounted on an array of different vehicles. On of such models is BMW 3 E46 4D Saloon GENERATION V. With this exact car in mind we came up with this innovative front bumper.

Why is the BMW 3 E46 4D Saloon GENERATION V front bumper worth purchasing?
- it exhibits a modernized design
- it’s certified with the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN
- it’s ABS-made
- it’s UV-secured

This front bumper for BMW 3 E46 4D Saloon GENERATION V stands apart with an imaginative design. The key function of this element is to minimalize the effects of small impacts and this is why it is crucial that it should be made of sturdy materials. This Maxton Design front bumper will become an elegant addition to your car and will compose neatly with a rear bumper, as well as side skirts. If you are looking for a truly aesthetic front splitter to refresh the appearance of your BMW 3 E46 4D Saloon GENERATION V and bring forth its racing character, getting this product by Maxton Design is the right thing to do.

The BMW 3 E46 4D Saloon GENERATION V is manufactured from ABS. It is a material very often utilized in the automotive industry. It works exceptionally as far as the creation of optical tuning components, and other primary car outfitting are concerned. ABS is extraordinarily elastic, durable, and insusceptible to moisture and high or low temperatures. This is why the elements made of this type of plastic are so long-lasting, and highly stylish. They will effectively overhaul the looks of your machine and serve you for a long time.

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