Maxton Design - Front Racing Splitter Audi S3 8P FL

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Front Racing Splitter for all Audi S3 8P FL. (Years: 2009 - 2013)

Fits: AUDI S3 8P (FACELIFT MODEL) 2009-2013 


  • Mounting kit

Maxton Design for many years now have been among the world’s leaders of high-end optical tuning production. The company focuses on designing and manufacturing cutting-edge spoilers, bumpers, splitters, and side skirts. Here, you will undoubtedly find all you might need to transform the visuals of your car and bring its modern racing style forth. This can be achieved by adding a racing front splitter to it. In the Maxton Design line of goods there are numerous similar items, however we would like to draw your attention to this specific component dedicated to Audi S3 8P FL.

Why is it worth it to choose this racing front splitter for Audi S3 8P FL?
- it’s produced from innovative material
- it’s has an eye-catching appearance
- it betters aerodynamics
- it has a UV-protective layer

The Audi S3 8P FL racing front splitter stands apart with a truly original design. The product is comprised of steel tie bars and a flat valance made of ABS (CNC). Precise and lasting installation is ensured by the instruction and a mounting kit that come included with the product. This part is very presentable and will constitute a significant decoration for your vehicle. Additionally, the role of a racing front splitter is to boost aerodynamics, too. This is caused because the airflow under the bumper presses on the front axle with more force. The effect of this is a notable enhancement of stability and traction. You will mainly experience it at high velocities.

In the production of this racing front splitter for Audi S3 8P FL we applied ABS (CNC). The material possesses many characteristics thanks to which is so broadly employed in the automotive industry. Both, optical tuning components and staple car equipment are manufactured from it. ABS is damage-resistant and sturdy which makes it perfect for the use in the automotive elements. If you are someone who values modern looks and high flair of production, this Audi S3 8P FL racing front splitter will surely meet your expectations.

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