Maxton Design - Front Splitter BMW M3 E92 / E93 (Pre-Facelift)

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Front Splitter for your BMW M3 E92 / E93 (Pre-Facelift) Coupe & Cabrio. (Years: 2007 - 2013)

Fits: BMW M3 E92 / E93 (Coupe & Cabrio) version 2007 - 2013


  • Mounting kit (glue, screws)
  • Mounting manual

Choosing the right front splitter is not an easy task. The best would be the one which is made of top-notch quality materials and showing an elegant design. These are the features of all Maxton Design products. The company has been supplying the world’s market with high-end optical tuning parts for many years. In the brand’s line-up you can find advanced splitters, side skirts, bumpers, spoilers, diffusers. These items are targeted towards a large selection of car brands and thanks to such a rich line of goods Maxton Design has become one of the most competitive creators of visual tuning in the world. This front splitter for BMW M3 E92/E93 Preface is especially worth being taken into consideration.

Why should you purchase the BMW M3 E92/E93 Preface front splitter?
- it’s produced from certified materials
- it’s delivered ready for mounting
- it comes with instructions included
- it’s purchasable in a number of surface looks

This front splitter dedicated to BMW M3 E92/E93 Preface is manufactured out of sturdy, and flexible ABS plastic. The material sees a broad usage in the automotive industry and it is excellent as far as the making of optical tuning parts, and other elements of primary car outfitting is concerned. Furthermore, ABS does not wear off under the influence of moisture, and high or low temperatures. This front splitter by Maxton Design is coated with a UV-repelling layer and has clear instructions, as well as, a mounting kit included.

The BMW M3 E92/E93 Preface front splitter is an item the installation of which will give you a number of advantages. Thanks to this slick piece of equipment the position of the coachwork of your machine will be lowered optically, which results in a sharp sports car look. This component also causes the pressure on the front axle exerted by the airflow under the bumper to rise which then bolsters traction and stability. This effect can be experienced chiefly during high-velocity driving. This splitter displays an imaginative form and will become a stylish addition to your BMW M3 E92/E93 Preface. The product comes in textured, gloss, and carbon types of surface structure and can have a red or white decorative stripe added. Thanks to this you can come up with tuning that is very individual and interestingly accentuates the style of your vehicle.

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