Maxton Design - Front Splitter V.1 Audi RS3 8P

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Front Splitter V.1 for your Audi RS3 8P. (Years: 2011 - 2012)

Fits: Audi RS3 8P 2011 - 2012


  • Mounting kit 
  • Mounting manual 

If you decide to buy visual tuning components you should take certain things into account. Most importantly such elements, aside from interesting design should also stand out with their durability, damage-resistance, and flexibility. All of the listed qualities can be attributed to the Maxton Design optical tuning products. If you are looking for unique items to add to your Audi RS3 8P, getting this V.1 front splitter is a great choice.

Why is the purchase of this V.1 front splitter for Audi RS3 8P worth considering?
- it sports a modernized form
- it’s made of ABS-plastic
- it’s available in a selection of surface looks
- requires no painting
- bolsters aerodynamics

The Audi RS3 8P V.1 front splitter is an element the mounting of which comes with many advantages. It constitutes a sprauncy refreshment to your car and contributes to its typically racing aesthetic. It also significantly boosts aerodynamics as it makes the air flowing under the bumper exert more pressure on the front of the vehicle which in turn results in enhanced aerodynamics. You will chiefly experience this at high velocities. The splitter is accessible in 3 surface structure variants: textured, carbon, or gloss. Audi RS3 8P equipped with this V.1 front splitter will become very presentable that drives enjoyably and comfortably.

To make this V.1 front splitter for Audi RS3 8P we utilized ABS. It shows numerous properties that make it exceptionally suitable in the production of optical tuning components and other car equipment, alike. Maxton Design is a brand that employs only the materials sourced from the best European providers. This way you can be sure that you are making the right move by choosing our products and that they will allow you to make aesthetic and functional tuning to serve you for a very long time.

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