Maxton Design - Front Splitter V.1 Bentley Continental GT

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Front Splitter V.1 for your Bentley Continental GT. (Years: 2009 - 2012)



  • Mounting kit
  • Mounting manual

Installing a front splitter will give you a significant advantage. This component is among the optical tuning elements that affect both functionality an appearance. If you own a Bentley Continental GT and you’re looking for such a part, you can find it in the Maxton Design line-up. The company is a specialist in the field of high-grade spoilers, splitters, bumpers, ad side skirts. Thanks to the continuous growth and broadening of the selection of goods, this Polish producer has become one of the leaders on the world’s market. The Bentley Continental GT V.1 front splitter sports an interesting design and will prove eye-catching to all enthusiasts of modernized visual tuning.

Why is this V.1 front splitter for Bentley Continental GT worth choosing?
- it’s made of high-quality materials
- has a variety of surface look options
- does not require painting
- improves the aerodynamics of the car

The Bentley Continental GT V.1 front splitter is produced from ABS. It’s elastic, sturdy, and resistant to moisture, as well as, extreme temperatures. It’s perfect for producing many optical tuning and vehicle equipment parts in the automotive industry. The material used at Maxton Design has received the TUV certificate thanks to its premium quality. If you care about advanced and good-looking tuning components with unique designs, you should definitely choose the Maxton Design products.

The V.1 front splitter for Bentley Continental GT will refresh the appearance of your car and boost its aerodynamics. This is due to the increased pressure on the front axle that the air flowing under the bumper exerts at high speeds. The result of this is increased traction and stability of the vehicle. To fully individualize your tuning you can get a surface finish of your choice: gloss, carbon, or textured. The front splitter is shipped with instructions and mounting tools included.

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