Maxton Design - Front Splitter V.2 Audi S5 / A5 S-Line 8T FL

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Front Splitter V.2 for your Audi S5 / A5 S-Line 8T FL. (Years: 2011 - 2016)


Audi A5 S-Line 8T Facelift 2011-2016

Audi S5 8T Facelift 2011-2016


  • Mounting kit
  • Mounting manual

The Audi S5/A5 S-Line 8T FL V.2 front splitter dedicated to models manufactured 2011-2015 is a high-grade advanced optical tuning component that can be found in the robust Maxton Design assortment. This Polish manufacturer for several years now has been providing numerous inventive products such as bumpers, spoilers, splitters, and side skirts. Our elements are produced from the best materials, and you are guaranteed that you are purchasing items of the highest quality that decorate your car and upgrade its aerodynamics at the same time.

Why is the purchase of the Audi S5/A5 S-Line 8T FL V.2 front splitter worth considering?
- it significantly enhances stability and traction
- it complements tuning performed with side skirts or a rear splitter
- doesn’t need additional painting
- has a range of surface finish versions to choose from
- comes with instructions and a mounting kit included

The V.2 front splitter for Audi S5/A5 S-Line 8T FL is made of lasting and flexible material that ABS is. The plastic employed by Maxton Design has been rewarded with the TUV certificate – an affirmation of its quality. It is eagerly used in the automotive industry in the production of both, optical tuning components and staple vehicle equipment. The decision to pick this splitter up will result in not only improved visuals, but aerodynamics, as well. You will be able to enjoy a perfectly presentable car that drives very comfortably in any conditions.

The mounting of the Audi S5/A5 S-Line 8T FL V.2 front splitter will supplement tuning performed with side skirts. We are certain that an Audi S5/A5 S-Line 8T FL equipped in such a way will draw the looks of all the enthusiasts and connoisseurs of showy reversible visual tuning. To bring forth the character of your car even more you can also choose from 3 variants of surface finish for your splitter: textured, gloss, or carbon.

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