Maxton Design - Front Splitter V.2 BMW Series 1 F40 M-Pack / M135i

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Front Splitter V.2 for your BMW Series 1 F40 M-Pack / M135i. (Years: 2019 - Present)


BMW 1 F40 M-Pack 2019 -
BMW 1 F40 M135i 2019 -

It fits M135i version after disassembling the original valance.


  • Mounting kit
  • Mounting manual

Maxton Design is a Polish company that since 2006 has been concentrating on the manufacturing of inventive visual tuning parts. Our rich line of products includes bumpers, spoilers, splitters, and other tuning accessories made with a large number of different vehicles in mind. Maxton Design is a brand well-regarded by the fans of overall automotive subject matter. Over the years the producer has secured a leading position on the world’s market thanks to the premium quality of our products, their imaginative designs and the use of great materials. In our offer there is also this front splitter for BMW 1 F40 M-Pack/M135I manufactured out of durable, and long-lasting ABS plastic.

How does the front splitter aimed at BMW 1 F40 M-Pack/M135I stand apart?
- it’s produced from sturdy ABS
- it’s certified with the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN
- it bolsters aerodynamics
- it’s UV-secured
- it has heightened moisture resistance

The installation of this front splitter for BMW 1 F40M-Pack/M135I will allow you to lower the position of the bodywork for a neat sports car presentation. Thanks to its addition the airflow under the bumper will press on the front axle with more force which results in a notable boost to traction and stability during high-velocity driving – this means an improvement of the overall aerodynamic properties.

The front splitter targeted towards BMW 1 F40 M-Pack/M135I is a Maxton Design tuning element made of high-grade ABS plastic. The material used in the production processes of our parts is know for its extraordinary insusceptibility to damage, and the influence of harsh atmospheric conditions – it is characterized by sturdiness, as well as, stand-out flexibility. It works beautifully in the creation of optical tuning components, and also staple vehicle equipment. This front splitter for BMW 1 F40 M-Pack/M135I is a product that will serve you for years without losing its original appearance.

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