Maxton Design - Front Splitter V.2 BMW Series 3 E92 M-Pack (Facelift)

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Front Splitter V.2 for your BMW Series 3 E92 M-Pack (Facelift). (Years: 2010 - 2013)

Fits: BMW 3 E92 M-PACK FACELIFT 2010- 2013


  • Mounting kit 
  • Mounting manual

If you would like to equip your car with premium-flair front splitter, you will undoubtedly find a product that satisfies your needs in the robust Maxton Design assortment. The company has been actively participating in the industry for many years now and has come to be a specialist when it comes to the production of high-end diffusers, splitters, spoilers, side skirts, and bumpers. With the help of these elements you can comprehensively supplement the outfitting of a large selections of vehicle brands. Such a rich line of quality products is exactly what makes Maxton Design a leading-edge company on the worlds market of visual tuning. Those who drive BMW 3 E92 M-Pack Facelift will certainly want to take a closer look at this imaginative modern V.2 front splitter. It is a highly functional component that positively influences the overall aerodynamics of this model.

What stand-out properties does the V.2 front splitter for BMW 3 E92 M-Pack Facelift have?
- it’s manufactured out of ABS
- it displays a sprauncy design
- it enhances aerodynamics
- it’s delivered ready for installation
- it’s accessible in a selection of surface structure sorts

This V.2 front splitter for BMW 3 E92 M-Pack Facelift stands apart with its original design which makes it an eye-catching decoration for your car that contributes to a slick racing appearance. A splitter is a tuning part meant to tangibly affect aerodynamic properties. It causes the air that flows under the bumper to exert more pressure on the front axle which in turn results in a boost to traction and driving stability at higher speeds. This Maxton Design item is available in carbon, textured, or gloss surface finishes to allow you to make your tuning truly personal and adjusted to your BMW 3 E92 M-Pack Facelift.

The ABS applied in the creation of the V.2 front splitter for BMW 3 E92 M-Pack Facelift is a material of substantial flexibility, sturdiness, and resilience to different types of damage. It is also TUV certified, and all of these characteristics make it so commonly used in the manufacturing of optical tuning components, as well as, other elements of primary vehicle outfitting. This Maxton Design front splitter is topped with a special coating that secures it against UV radiation. It does not have to be painted and is ready for mounting upon delivery.

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