Maxton Design - Front Splitter V.3 BMW Series 1 F40 M-Pack / M135i

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Front Splitter V.3 for your BMW Series 1 F40 M-Pack / M135i. (Years: 2019 - Present)


BMW 1 F40 M-Pack 2019 -
BMW 1 F40 M135i 2019 -

It fits M135i version after disassembling the original valance.


  • Mounting kit
  • Mounting manual

Maxton Design is a company with a robust selection of precisely made components for optical vehicle tuning. This Polish brand has been active in the automotive industry since 2006 and has come to be a specialist when it comes to high-end elements that can be used to spice up the appearance of your car and give it a racing look, while also improving its aerodynamics. The rich Maxton Design line-up consists of modern, and aesthetic side skirts, splitters, bumpers, and diffusers – all of these are dedicated to a broad range of popular car brands. For BMW 1 F40 M-Pack/M135I we recommend a professional installation of this V.3 TUV certified front splitter.

Why is the V.3 front splitter for BMW 1 F40 M-Pack/M135I worth purchasing?
- it’s made of certified ABS
- it enhances aerodynamics
- it comes ready for installation
- it has a racing design
- it freshens the looks of this model

This front splitter is manufactured out of ABS characterized by heightened resistance to harsh atmospheric conditions such as exposure to moisture, extreme temperatures, or UV radiation. This plastic type also shows a high degree of elasticity – it is certified with the TUV. The Maxton Design V.3 splitter itself can be obtained in three varieties of surface finish: textured, gloss, and carbon. The material of which this product is made was originally conceived for usage in the automotive industry – it is regularly applied in the creation of staple vehicle equipment.

The V.3 front splitter targeted towards BMW 1 F40 M-Pack/M135I will slickly transform the overall presentation of your machine while also improving its aerodynamic properties. Its mounting will cause an optical lowering of the bodywork’s position which gives this model a sharp sports car stylization and also allows for increased driving stability at high speeds. Due to the splitters presence the air that flows under the bumper will start exerting more pressure on the front axle which results in a direct boost to traction. With this item you will enjoy an even more comfortable use of your BMW 1 F40 M-Pack/M135I.

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