Maxton Design - Racing Durability Rear Side Splitters BMW M135i F20

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Racing Durability Rear Side Splitters for your BMW M135i F20. (Years: 2011 - 2015)


BMW M135i F20 2011 - 2015


  • Racing Durability Rear Side Splitters (Left + Right)
  • Mounting kit

If you are planning to outfit your vehicle with high-flair optical tuning parts you should definitely familiarize yourself with the line of Maxton Design goods. The company is among the leaders on the world’s market and provides cutting-edge components for a large number of popular car brands. This producer’s assortment is abundant with inventive splitters, bumpers, diffusers, side skirts, and spoilers. Thanks to these items you can spice up the visuals of your machine, and also improve its overall aerodynamic properties during high-velocity driving. With BMW M135I F20 in mind these splashy rear side splitters from the Street Pro collection. The elements are ready for installation with no prior painting, and they stand apart with their sharp milled edges.

Why is the decision to pick the BMW M135I F20 Street Pro rear side splitters a good move?
- they have UV protection
- they don’t have to be painted before mounting
- they come in a number of surface finishes
- they’re certified with the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN
- they transform the presentation of this model
- they’re made of 10mm-thick ABS
- they stand out with an out-of-the-box design
- they’re resilient to corrosion, scratching, and impacts

These rear side splitters from the Street Pro collections aimed at BMW M135I F20 will allow you to put a modern finish on the tuning of your car. These splitters are extensions for side skirts and paired with those they will look exceptionally imaginative. Composed in such a way, these components will contribute to a lowering of the coachwork’s position which results in a slick racing-like appearance. What’s more, thanks to these rear side splitters the air that flows under the bumper will exert more pressure on the rear axle which gives a boost to traction and stability at high speeds. These tuning parts by Maxton Design (left + right rear side splitter) are available in two versions of surface structure: black matte, or black matte with red core.

The BMW M135I F20 Street Pro rear side splitters are produced out of high-quality 10mm-thick ABS-plastic. The material is resistant to mechanical and chemical damage, and characterized by high durability and flexibility. It does not wear off easily when exposed to moisture, and extremely low or high temperatures. ABS is TUV certified and utilized in the automotive industry very commonly. It is extraordinarily suitable for the production of optical tuning elements, and essential vehicle outfitting components. These rear side splitters from the Street Pro collection by Maxton Design do not need to be painted before installation and are covered with a special layer that protects them against UV radiation.

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