Maxton Design - Racing Durability Rear Side Splitters + Flaps BMW M135i F20

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Racing Durability Rear Side Splitters + Flaps for your BMW M135i F20. (Years: 2011 - 2015)


BMW M135i F20 2011 - 2015


  • Racing Durability Rear Side Splitters (Left + Right)
  • Mounting kit

If you are an automotive fan you have certainly heard about the high-quality optical tuning components by Maxton Design. The company for many tears now has been specializing in the manufacturing of premium-flair splitters, bumpers, spoilers, diffusers, and side skirts – all pf them are produced in an advanced factory and with the usage of materials certified with the TUV. The mentioned products can aid you not only in freshening the appearance of your car, but also in enhancing its overall aerodynamic properties. In the Maxton Design line-up you will come across a wide range of parts dedicated to various popular vehicle models and brands. Especially for BMW M135I F20 we created these rear side splitters with flaps which are a part of the Street Pro collection. These elements stand apart with eye-catching milled edges and have no requirement for additional paint job to be applied.

Why is it worth it to spend your money on the BMW M135I F20 Street Pro rear side splitters with flaps?
- they come in different surface looks
- they’re UV-protected
- they don’t need painting
- they’re moisture-resistant
- they’re TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certified
- they’re made with the use of 10mm-thick ABS plastic
- they have substantial resilience to mechanical damage like impacts or scratching
- they display stylish milled edges

These Street Pro rear side splitters with flaps are meant for BMW M135I F20 and they will perfectly complement a front splitter, and side skirts. They will put an aesthetic finish on your tuning and give your machine an imaginative, racing-like presentation. The Street Pro rear side splitters with flaps will not only enhance the overall visuals of this model, but they will also boost its aerodynamics tangibly – mainly in the area of traction and driving stability. These splitters by Maxton Design distinguish themselves with modern inventive milled edges. The items are available in a selection of surface structure types: black matte with gloss flaps, or black matte with red core and gloss flaps.

The BMW M135I F20 Street Pro rear side splitters with flaps are created from durable, and elastic 10mm-thick ABS. The material exhibits heightened resistance to moisture, high or low temperatures, as well as, chemical and mechanical damage. Due to its properties ABS is broadly utilized in the automotive industry – chiefly in the production of optical tuning parts, and elementary vehicle outfitting components. These Maxton Design rear side splitters are coated with a special layer that secures them against the harmful effects of UV radiation.

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