Maxton Design - Racing Durability Side Skirts Diffusers + Flaps Audi RS3 8V Sportback

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Stand out with this incredible Racing Durability Side Skirts Diffusers + Flaps for all Audi RS3 8V Sportback. (Years: 2015 - 2016)


Audi RS3 8V Sportback 2015 - 2016


    • Racing Durability Side Skirts Diffusers
    • Mounting kit 

    Racing Durability elements are characterized by:
    Material which is far more durable, 10mm ABS plastic plate
    Improved scratching and impact resilience
    Insensitivity to corrosion, no metal elements
    Eye-catching design, stylized edge finish
    Special layer securing against UV radiation
    Insusceptibility to harsh weather conditions and extremes of temperature
    Protective wrapping of the elements
    A range of finishes: 10mm-thick matte black, 10mm-thick matte black with red core
    Presence of flair-confirming labelling
    No requirement for a paint job
    (If you decide to paint your product you have to lay a primer layer before applying the paint job)

    The material that our tuning parts are created from – ABS – was made to be utilized mainly in the automotive industry. It is eagerly employed as far as the manufacturing of factory bumpers and other parts that comprise vehicle bodywork goes. Such elements have to be defined by high durability and elasticity. The confirmation of our products’ grade is the TUV TAILEGUTACHTEN/ABE certification that a broad assortment of them has been given, and the TUV certificate of the material itself.

    The production of elements out of ABS is a multi-step procedure. The final one of these is manual processing and applying detailed finishes. This displays the care and seriousness with which we treat each and every of our components. Additionally, the flair control that is conducted on all the items right prior to their dispatching allows us to guarantee that a large number of defective elements is prevented from ever reaching our customers.

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