Maxton Design - Rear Bumper BMW Series 3 E30

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Rear Bumper for your BMW Series 3 E30. (Years: 1982 - 1994)

Fits: BMW 3 E30 standard version 1982 - 1994



The showy rear bumper for BMW 3 E30 MAFIA is one of the high-end products that can be found in the broad Maxton Design line-up. The company has been participating in the market for years and has become an expert of the production of premium-quality bumpers, splitters, diffusers, side skirts, and spoilers. The listed components are dedicated to many different vehicles and such a robust line of goods has allowed Maxton Design to become a world leader of optical tuning production. The brands assortment is filled with parts that will meet the standards of even the most fastidious customers. This innovative rear bumper for BMW 3 E30 MAFIA is very presentable and will become a slick addition to your car’s equipment.

What about the BMW 3 E30 MAFIA rear bumper stands out?
- it’s fiberglass-made
- it exhibits a modernized design
- it spices up the looks of this model
- it’s been given the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certification
- it’s secured with a UV-repelling layer

This rear bumper aimed at BMW 3 E30 MAFIA is a very stylish tuning elements. Thanks to its original form it will make for a stand-out and imaginative decoration by adding to a racing-like aesthetic. It is also a component meant to minimize the effects of small impacts and this is why in its production we applied a material which is highly sturdy, and durable. This item will be the most presentable paired with a front splitter and side skirts by Maxton Design.

The BMW 3 E30 MAFIA rear bumper is manufactured out of fiberglass – a material defined by substantial elasticity, resilience to harsh atmospheric conditions, as well as, durability. These characteristics make it ideal for the use in the creation of visual tuning parts, and primary vehicle outfitting elements, alike. Our fiberglass is TUV certified, and the items produced from it have got the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certificate. Choosing the Maxton Design products is a sure way to get high-flair tuning that will last you for a very long time.

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