Maxton Design - Rear Side Splitters Audi RS3 8P

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Rear Side Splitters for your Audi RS3 8P. (Years: 2011 - 2012)

Fits: Audi RS3 8P 2011 - 2012



Maxton Design is a producer of the best quality reversible optical tuning parts. The brand has been active on the market for many years and has become a leader in the industry. The company specializes in the making of splitters, spoilers, bumpers, and side skirts. All of these elements are manufactured from high-grade materials that guarantee high flair and resistance to damage. All the owners of Audi RS3 8P will certainly be interested in the cutting-edge components dedicated to this model, such as these rear side splitters.

What about the Audi RS3 8P rear side splitters stands out?
- they’re easy to mount
- require no painting
- come in 3 surface finish variants
- they enhance visuals

Picking these rear side splitters is a great idea if you want to spice up the looks of your Audi RS3 8P. They constitute an interesting aesthetic addition that contributes to the modern racing character of the vehicle. They will become a great supplementation for tuning made with a spoiler cap and a front splitter. Your tuning will be even more individual when you choose one of the 3 available surface looks. These are carbon, gloss, or textured. All of the listed options look great in their original forms and do not need to be painted.

These rear side splitters are made of high-grade ABS plastic. The material has been rewarded with the TUV certification and it is sourced from renown European suppliers. It sees a broad usage in the automotive industry and serves not only in the production of tuning components, but also standard car outfitting elements. ABS is resilient to moisture and temperature, flexible, and durable.

If you are considering purchasing optical tuning by Maxton Design you can be sure that they will come with many benefits. We are certain that your Audi RS3 8P equipped with product of this Polish manufacturer will be exceptionally presentable a vehicle that draws the attention of all fans of tuning and sports cars.

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