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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Rear Side Splitters for your Audi TT RS 8S (Years: 2016 - Present)


Audi TT RS 8S 2016 -



If you are an owner of an Audi TT RS 8S and you want to spice up the visuals of your car, you can find all the things you could need in the broad line-up of Maxton Design. We are in the leading edge on the world’s market and we offer visual tuning elements for a wide range of vehicle brands. Our assortment consists of great-flair splitters, side skirts, bumpers, diffusers, and spoilers. With the use of these components you can refresh the presentation of your car and upgrade its aerodynamics all by yourself. With the mentioned Audi TT RS 8S in mind these neat rear side splitter were made. They are manufactured from certified materials and need no additional painting before installation.

Why the decision to buy the Audi TT RS 8S rear side splitters is a good one?
- they come in a range of varied surface looks
- they’re secured from UV radiation
- they are insusceptible to moisture
- they’ve been granted the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certificate
- come ready to be used right away

The rear side splitters for Audi RS 8S are small, but useful. They fill the space between the rear valance and the side skirts resulting in more coherent aesthetics and a slick modernized racing look. For our splitters we also offer a choice of decorative stripes, red or white, and a selection of surface finishes: textured, gloss, or carbon.

In the manufacturing process of the Audi TT RS 8S rear side splitters high-grade ABS was used. The material was designed to be used mainly in the automotive industry and it has been rewarded with the TUV certificate. ABS is elastic, hard to damage mechanically or chemically, and sturdy. It works well in the production processes of tuning components, and many other basic vehicle equipment parts. The rear side splitters that can be found in the Maxton Design assortment have received the TUV certification and they are coated in a UV-protective layer.

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