Maxton Design - Rear Side Splitters BMW Series 3 F30 Sedan M-Sport (Facelift)

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Rear Side Splitters for your BMW Series 3 F30 Sedan M-Sport (Facelift). (Years: 2015 - 2018)




The offer of Maxton Design is targeted towards all of those who value high-grade components of optical tuning defined by modern designs. The company is specialized in the creation of eye-catching and durable automotive elements such as splitters, side skirts, bumpers, spoilers, and diffusers. All of these products are produced from high-flair materials provided by the best European suppliers. BMW 3 F30 PHASE-II Sedan M-Sport is one of the models that the tuning for cab be found in the Maxton Design assortment. With this exact vehicle in mind we made these advanced rear side splitters.

Why is it worth it to get the BMW 3 F30 PHASE-II Sedan M-Sport rear side splitters?
- they’re manufactured out of ABS
- they sport a slick design
- they’re certified with the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN
- they’re easy to install
- they come in variable surface looks

These rear side splitters for BMW 3 F30 PHASE-II Sedan M-Sport are items that will enrich your tuning in a unique way. They have a strictly aesthetic use and they will freshen your car’s visuals by contributing to its racing-like appearance. The splitters will be especially presentable alongside side skirts, as well as, a front splitter. They will make for a great supplement for your overall tuning by making it even more coherent and elegant. The Maxton Design elements of this type can be purchased in textured, gloss, or carbon surface structure options. This is how you can ensure that your tuning is entirely personalized and the character of your BMW 3 F30 PHASE-II Sedan M-Sport is brought forward.

In the creation of the BMW 3 F30 PHASE-II Sedan M-Sport rear side splitters we utilized ABS plastic. This inventive material is extraordinarily sturdy, but also flexible, and it is applied across the automotive industry in the manufacturing of many different optical tuning parts, and other elements of vehicle outfitting, too. The material has been given the TUV certificate, and it is always sourced from the best European suppliers. ABS is insusceptible to moisture, and does not wear off under the influence of extreme temperatures. The Maxton Design rear side splitters are a great choice if you want to add aesthetic and lasting products to the equipment of your machine.

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