Maxton Design - Rear Side Splitters BMW X5 M-Pack F15

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Rear Side Splitters for your BMW X5 M-Pack F15. (Years: 2013 - 2018)

Fits: BMW X5 F15 M50d 2013-2018




If you are a BMW X5 F15 M50D owner and you have been searching for showy rear side splitters, you should certainly familiarize yourself with the Maxton Design assortment. The company’s focus is the production of high-end optical tuning parts. Here, you will find a broad selection of splitters, side skirts, bumpers, diffusers, and spoilers. By employing such items you will be able to slickly and practically equip your vehicle and ensure a boost to its aerodynamics. Maxton Design creates tuning elements dedicated to a myriad of different car brands among which BMW X5 F15 M50D is not amiss and these cutting-edge rear side splitters are such items exactly. They are meant to be installed with a rear valance.

Why is it worth it to purchase the BMW X5 F15 M50D rear side splitters?
- they exhibit an inventive design
- they’ve been granted the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certificate
- they come fit for installation
- they’re accessible in a number of surface looks
- they’re compatible with a rear valance

These advanced rear side splitters for BMW X5 F15 M50D are components manufactured from innovative ABS plastic. The material stands out with flexibility, damage resistance, and durability. It is TUV certified as a proof of its exceptional grade. ABS is applied in the manufacturing both, optical tuning parts, and other elements of basic car outfitting. The Maxton Design rear side splitters have got the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN and are topped with a UV-securing coating.

The BMW X5 F15 M50D rear side splitters constitute a very interesting option for your optical tuning. They are small, but their installation comes with many advantages. They will be a great complement for a rear valance, side skirts, and a front splitter. Such a composition will result in more uniform and aesthetic tuning. The products come in textured, gloss, or carbon surface structure sorts. Additionally, you can get white or red decorative stripes to put on your splitters.

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