Maxton Design - Rear Valance Alfa Romeo Stelvio

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Standout with this incredible Maxton Design Rear Valance for all Alfa Romeo Stelvio. (Years: 2016 - Present)

Fits: Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2016- 



Our product is assembled as a replacement for the OEM rear valance.

If modern and aesthetic visual tuning components are what you want, the Maxton Design line-up will surely be of interest to you. The company is one of the leaders on the market, and offers anything that you might need to improve aerodynamics of your car, and spice up its appearance. Our assortment consists of cutting-edge products like diffusers, side skirts, spoilers, bumpers, and splitters. Each and every one of them is made of the highest quality materials, supplied by trusted providers. This interesting rear valance for Alfa Romeo Stelvio was made for this model specially. It sports a neat design and does not have to be painted prior to the installation.

Why should you be interested in the Alfa Romeo Stelvio rear valance?
- has different surface finishes
- it’s UV-protected
- it’s moisture-proof
- refreshes the look of the vehicle
- has received the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certificate

This rear valance for Alfa Romeo Stelvio was manufactured from cutting-edge ABS. The material is commonly used in the automotive industry and it’s TUV certified. It’s characterized by durability, insusceptibility to damage, and flexibility. ABS is not vulnerable to moisture, or extreme temperatures. It’s exceptionally well-suited for production of tuning components and other pieces of standard car equipment. The Maxton Design rear valance has received the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certification. It has a UV-protective layer.

This rear valance for Alfa Romeo Stelvio is unique-looking a component, that will underline your vehicle’s character. It fits well with rear side splitters given a similar surface look. It comes as textured, gloss, or carbon version.

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