Maxton Design - Rear Valance Audi RS3 8V FL Sedan

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Rear Valance for all Audi RS3 8V FL Sedan. (Years: 2017 - 2020)

Fits: AUDI RS3 8V FACELIFT SEDAN 2017 - 2020

Before assembly, cut the ends of the original diffuser, without this the product will not fit!!!



The installation of a rear valance is a procedure that aims to refresh the vehicle’s appearance and flesh out its modern racing character. In the Maxton Design line-up there are many unique elements of this kind and we are certain that just about anyone will find something to their liking in our store. If you own an Audi RS3 8V FL Sedan you will find many products dedicated to this model here. We would like to interest you in this interesting rear valance especially. It stands out with imaginative design and premium quality of production. The component is meant for all those who will settle only for the best looking optical tuning parts available.

Why is it worth it to equip your Audi RS3 8V FL Sedan with this advanced rear valance?
- it’s made of innovative materials
- doesn’t require any painting
- complements other tuning parts well
- comes in 3 surface finish variants
- it’s fit for mounting upon delivery

The Audi RS3 8V FL Sedan rear valance is a very visually appealing item that transforms the looks of your machine in a matter of moments. This Maxton Design valance displays and out-of-the-box form and will become a stand-out addition that enhances the car’s aesthetics by bringing its racing qualities to the forefront. Mounting this rear valance for Audi RS3 8V FL Sedan will not take long, but it will do a lot of good. The product supplements other visual tuning elements dedicated to this model strikingly.

To perform some showy tuning you will require high-grade components with inventive designs. This is what Maxton Design products are like. The ABS used in the production of this valance is a material of high durability and resistance to moisture and temperature. This is precisely why choosing this Polish manufacturer’s tuning equipment you can rest assured that you are making the right decision. We encourage you to look into our full line of optical tuning items dedicated to Audi RS3 8V FL Sedan.

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