Maxton Design - Rear Valance Audi RS3 8V FL Sportback

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Rear Valance for all Audi RS3 8V FL Sportback. (Years: 2017 - 2020)


Audi RS3 8V FL Sportback 2017 - 2020



Fits original bumper, no modifications required  

Product details:
- it’s produced out of ABS
- it’s topped with a UV-repelling coating
- it has quality-confirming stickers attached
- doesn’t require painting
(If you decide to paint your product you have to lay a primer layer before applying the paint job)

The ABS is the material that a large group of our products are manufactured from and it was made for numerous uses in the automotive industry. It is exceptionally fitting for the making of factory bumpers and many types of car coachwork components. These elements require sturdiness and elasticity and ABS is recognized for these exact characteristics. The quality of our products is assured by the TUV certification which has been given to our materials, and a significant portion of our products are TAILEGUTACHTEN/ABE certified.

Making ABS items is a multi-levelled procedure. Its last stage encompasses manual processing and applying final detailing. The effort we pour into making our parts the best flair they can be is a clear proof of the care and precision with which they are treated. What’s more, we make sure that as many defective components as possible are prevented from leaving our factories by subjecting every single one of them to scrupulous quality controls prior to their shipping.

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