Maxton Design - Roof Spoiler BMW Series 3 E46 Estate

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Roof Spoiler for your BMW Series 3 E46 Estate. (Years: 1998 - 2007)

Fits: BMW 3 E46 Estate version 1998 - 2007



Maxton Design is a recognized producer of high-grade reversible visual tuning parts. The offer of this brand includes numerous interesting elements in the form of side skirts, spoilers, bumpers, splitters, and diffusers. The listed components are meant to freshen the appearance of your vehicle while at the same time bolstering its aerodynamics. If this is what you want from your tuning, the Maxton Design assortment will undoubtedly be of interest to you. The manufacturer comes forward with a selection of items that can be installed in an array of different cars. Among these there is also BMW 3 E46 ESTATE for which we can offer this modernized roof spoiler.

Why is the purchase of the BMW 3 E46 ESTATE roof spoiler worth it?
- it betters aerodynamics
- it’s made of fiberglass
- it’s certified with the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN
- it’s UV-protected

The fiberglass applied in the manufacturing of this roof spoiler dedicated to BMW 3 E46 ESTATE is a material of substantial flexibility, damage resistance, as well as, sturdiness. These features make it so well-suited as far as the making of optical tuning components, and other elements of staple car equipment are concerned. Maxton Design is known as a creator of high-flair tuning, and each and every single one of the items found in this Polish manufacturer’s line-up goes through a scrupulous quality control before being shipped which allows us to eliminate as many defective parts as possible from being distributed to our clients.

The BMW 3 E46 ESTATE roof spoiler is an innovative element that contributes to an aerodynamic boost for your vehicle. Due to its mounting the air that flows around the bodywork will be forced to exert more pressure on the rear axle which in turn results in improved traction – this can chiefly be experienced when driving at high speeds. Thanks to the usage of fiberglass this component is very durable, and it will not wear off easily when exposed to the atmospheric conditions such as moisture, and extremely high or low temperatures.

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