Maxton Design - Side Skirts Diffusers Audi R8 MK2

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Side Skirts Diffusers for your Audi R8 MK2. (Years: 2015 - 2018)


Audi R8 Mk.2 2015-2018



Side skirts allow to quickly and effectively refresh the look of your vehicle. They are very easy to install and assure modernized and personalized tuning. Maxton Design elements stand out with their unique design, durability, and functionality. If you are an Audi R8 MK.2 owner you will surely notice these stand-out side skirts diffusers. Their installation will complement any other tuning elements very well.

Why should you consider getting the Audi R8 MK.2 side skirts diffusers?
- they’re ABS-made
- available in various surface structure effects
- they constitute a refreshment to the looks of the car
- they’re easy to install
- do not need to be painted

These side skirts diffusers for Audi R8 MK.2 are in the group of products manufactured from ABS. It is characterized by flexibility, toughness, and resistance to the negative influence of weather. The mentioned features make ABS perfect for production of optical tuning parts and basic vehicle equipment, too. The high quality of materials employed in the manufacturing of Maxton Design items is a guarantee of premium-quality, functional, durable, and aesthetic end products.

To make your tuning even more personal you can choose from one of the 3 available types of surface finish: carbon, textured, or gloss. Each of these options looks great on its own so that you do not have to paint your diffusers prior to their mounting. Additionally, you can get a white or red decorative stripe. If your Audi R8 MK.2 is already equipped with some interesting tuning parts, these side skirts diffusers will complement the existing tuning very well.

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