Maxton Design - Side Skirts Diffusers BMW M2 F87 Coupé

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Side Skirts Diffusers for your BMW M2 F87 Coupé. (Years: 2016 - Present)

Fits: BMW M2 F87 COUPÉ (2016 - )



The mounting of side skirts diffusers is a great way to freshen your car’s appearance and add to its racing-like visuals. In the Maxton Design line of goods there are many cutting-edge and highly slick side skirts, splitters, bumpers, diffusers, spoilers. These components are made to bolster aerodynamics and enhance looks. The Maxton Design tuning is dedicated to a large variety of vehicle brands among which BMW M2 F87 Coupe is not amiss. To be installed in this exact model these imaginative side skirts diffusers were designed. They stand apart with unique form and will draw a lot of attention to your vehicle.

Why is it worth it to consider getting the BMW M2 F87 Coupe side skirts diffusers?
- they don’t need painting
- they have unique design
- they’re accessible in a range of surface structure options
- they’re TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certified
- they’re covered with a UV-protective layer

The BMW M2 F87 Coupe are produced from ABS. It is an innovative and sturdy a material that is commonly used in the automotive industry. Staple vehicle outfitting and optical tuning, alike are manufactured from this versatile material. Additionally, ABS stand out with elasticity, and resilience to high or low temperatures and moisture. These side skirts diffusers by Maxton Design come fit for immediate mounting and are secured with a UV-repelling coating.

With the use of these side skirts diffusers you will transform your machine’s presentation in no time. It lowers the position of the coachwork visually so that the vehicle becomes even more like a sports car. The diffusers come in carbon, gloss, or textured surface finish version. This way you get a chance to perform truly original tuning that accentuates the style of your BMW M2 F87 Coupe. You can also purchase white or red decorative stripes to go along with your product.

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