Maxton Design - Side Skirts Diffusers BMW Series 3 E30

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Side Skirts Diffusers for your BMW Series 3 E30. (Years: 1982 - 1994)

Fits: BMW 3 E30 standard version 1982 - 1994



Maxton Design is a brand known to all the lovers of splashy high-end optical tuning of vehicles. The company is focused on the production of spoilers, splitters, side skirts, bumpers, and diffusers. All of these components are only ever made of innovative and long-lasting materials provided by the best suppliers form across Europe. The tuning parts by Maxton Design are targeted towards numerous car models among which BMW 3 E30 MAFIA can also be found. Especially to be installed in this machine we designed some stylish products such as these sprauncy side skirts. Their main function is to refresh the appearance of your vehicle and make it even more eye-catching.

Why is the decision to purchase the BMW 3 E30 MAFIA side skirts a great one?
- they exhibit an aesthetic design
- they’re fiberglass-made
- they spice up this model’s looks
- they’ve been rewarded with the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certificate

These stand-out side skirts for BMW 3 E30 MAFIA are produced out of inventive fiberglass. The material shows a high degree of elasticity, sturdiness, as well as, insusceptibility to moisture and low or high temperatures, too. Not only visual tuning components, but also other elements of basic vehicle equipment are manufactured from this versatile material. Our fiberglass has been given the TUV certification. Maxton Design is a brand that cares a great deal about meeting the highest possible standards of quality. This is precisely the reason why all of our products are subjected to an additional quality check that takes place right prior to their dispatching – this procedure is in place to prevent any faulty parts that do not meet our standards from reaching our customers.

The BMW 3 E30 MAFIA side skirts are very interesting and elegant tuning items that can help you to transform the visuals of your car and give it much more of a racing character. These Maxton Design side skirts will cause a lowering of the perceived height of this model’s coachwork which is going to give your BMW 3 E30 MAFIA a sharp look of a slick sports car. These elements have been granted the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certificate and are secured against the negative effects of UV exposure. Before installation the side skirts need to be painted.

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