Maxton Design - Side Skirts Diffusers BMW Series 3 E92 M-Pack

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Side Skirts Diffusers for your BMW Series 3 E92 M-Pack. (Years: 2006 - 2010)

Fits: BMW 3 E92 MPACK 2006-2010 


  • Mounting kit
  • Mounting manual

Maxton Design is a creator of high-end optical tuning elements. These are mainly side skirts, spoilers, splitters, bumpers, and diffusers. Thanks to such products you can quite easily renew the visuals of your car and tangibly bolster its aerodynamic properties. The assortment of this brand contains many products that can be used to complement outfitting of numerous car models. Among these machines BMW 3 E92 M-Pack could not have been amiss. With this exact machine in mind we came up with these cutting-edge side skirts diffusers. They are made of advanced ABS plastic – a material with a broad usage across the automotive industry.

How does the side skirts diffusers for BMW 3 E92 M-Pack stand apart?
- they’re manufactured out of ABS
- they’re certified with the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN
- they’re delivered fit for immediate installation
- they come in a selection of surface finishes
- it requires no painting

These side skirts diffusers aimed at BMW 3 E92 M-Pack fall into the category of ABS-made products. The material itself is very popular in the automotive industry – it is so practical due to its properties that include sturdiness, flexibility, and resistance to the negative effects of harsh atmospheric conditions. Our ABS has got the TUV certificate which guarantees its high grade. The mentioned features make this material perfect in the production of both, optical tuning parts, and other components considered to be essential car equipment.

The side skirts diffusers for BMW 3 E92 M-Pack are typically aesthetic additions that bring forth the racing-like character of this model. Their presence causes the position of the bodywork to appear lower which results in a sharp sports car stylization. The diffusers can be obtained in gloss, carbon, or textured types of surface structure so that your tuning can be more customized and display the style of your BMW 3 E92 M-Pack as much as possible. If you want to outfit your vehicle with the best items available on the market, the line of Maxton Design goods will certainly be to your liking.

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