Maxton Design - Spoiler Cap Audi A7 C8 / C8 S-Line / S7 C8 / RS7 C8

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Spoiler Cap for your Audi A7 C8 / C8 S-Line / S7 C8 / RS7 C8. (Years: 2018 - Present)


Audi A7 C8 S-Line 2017 - 

Audi A7 C8 2017 - 

Audi S7 C8 2017 - 

Audi RS7 C8 2019 - 



Maxton Design has been creating advanced and stylish parts for optical car tuning. The company is at the forefront of the world’s market, and offers tuning elements for a large array of vehicle brands. Among our products there are numerous interesting spoilers, bumpers, splitters, diffusers, and side skirts. Aided by these components you can effortlessly refresh the initial look of your car and boost its aerodynamics. With use in Audi A7 C8 S-Line in mind we came up with this eye-catching spoiler cap. The element is delivered fit for installation and stands out wit its form.

Why is it worth it to consider getting the Audi A7 C8 S-Line spoiler cap?
- betters aerodynamics
- has a variety of surface finishes
- it’s coated with a UV-repelling layer
- has been rewarded with the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certification
- it’s moisture-resilient

The spoiler cap for Audi A7 C8 S-Line is made of great-flair ABS. It is defined by its sturdiness, invulnerability to damage and elasticity. The material does not wear off easily from the influence of moisture and extreme temperatures. These are the reasons why ABS is so eagerly employed in the making of tuning components and many other elements included in the essential car equipment. This spoiler cap by Maxton Design is topped with a special layer that protects it form the harmful effects of UV rays. The item has also been granted the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN quality certificate.

This spoiler cap for Audi A7 C8 S-Line is small and modernized a component that brings many benefits with its installation. It contributes to the sports car style and supplements other tuning elements well. Thanks to the spoiler the air flowing around the bodywork will exert more pressure on the rear axle effectively enhancing the traction of the vehicle. On the inner side of the cap there is strong double sided tape to allow for precise mounting. The product is accessible in textured, gloss, and carbon surface structure types.

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