Maxton Design - Spoiler Cap BMW Series 1 E87 M Performance

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Spoiler Cap for your BMW Series 1 E87 M Performance. (Years: 2004 - 2008)

Fits: BMW 1 E87 M-Performance 2004 - 2008



The Maxton Design line of products has a rich selection of inventive and highly elegant components for optical car tuning. Here, you will find sprauncy splitters, diffusers, bumpers, side skirts, and spoilers. With the help of such products you will renew the presentation of your vehicle, and simultaneously take care of its aerodynamic properties. They are dedicated to a large variety of popular car models including BMW 1 E87 M-Performance. Especially for this machine we designed this cutting-edge spoiler cap that contributes to your vehicles racing-like character and tangibly affects its aerodynamics.

Why should you go with the BMW 1 E87 M-Performance spoiler cap?
- it has a stylish design
- it’s simple to install
- it has a number of surface looks
- it improves aerodynamics

This spoiler cap for BMW 1 E87 M-Performance is produced from advanced ABS plastic. The material stands apart with substantial resistance to moisture and temperature, as well as, durability, and elasticity. Due to these properties it is frequently applied in the manufacturing of visual tuning parts, and primary car outfitting elements. The ABS utilized by Maxton Design is TUV certified and sourced from the best providers in the industry. The tuning items that we offer are topped with a UV-securing layer.

The BMW 1 E87 M-Performance spoiler cap is a very interesting optical tuning equipment piece the mounting of which comes with tangible benefits. Thanks to the cap’s presence the airflow around the bodywork will be forced to press on the rear axle stronger which gives a direct boost to traction and driving stability. With its stylish design this product will be a great decoration or your BMW 1 E87 M-Performance as it will give it more of a racing character. The spoiler cap is equipped with double-sided acrylic tape that allows for precise and lasting installation. The item can be obtained different surface structure types: carbon, gloss, or textured. Only the outer side of the cap is covered with the surface finish and the remaining surfaces are matte.

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