Maxton Design - Spoiler Cap Chevrolet Camaro MK5

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Stand out with this incredible Maxton Design Spoiler Cap for your Chevrolet Camaro MK5. (Years: 2009 - 2013)


Chevrolet Camaro 5 2009-2013



Maxton Design is a company that is always striving to develop and grow. Thanks to this drive it has been active in the automotive industry for a significant period of time. The manufacturer specializes in the making of cutting-edge optical tuning components. These include unique spoilers, bumpers, splitters, side skirts, and diffusers. The listed tuning parts can be mounted on many different car brands. This is why Maxton Design has secured a leading position on the world’s market. If you own a Chevrolet Camaro 5 and you are looking for a functional spoiler cap you will undoubtedly find it in our line-up. This cap is easy to install and definably bolsters aerodynamics.

Why should you purchase the Chevrolet Camaro 5 spoiler cap?
- it sports an innovative design
- it boosts aerodynamics
- it’s been given the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certificate
- it’s topped with a UV-securing layer
- it comes in a range of surface structure options

This Chevrolet Camaro 5 spoiler cap is a modernized element thanks to which your vehicle will become even more like a real sports car. The mounting of this item causes the airflow around the coachwork to exert more pressure on the rear axle which directly improves the car’s traction. The product is available in carbon, gloss, or textured surface looks. The cap is outfitted with strong double-sided tape to allow easy and precise installation.

The spoiler cap for Chevrolet Camaro 5 is produced out of ABS plastic. The material enjoys immense popularity in the automotive industry due to its flexibility, sturdiness, and insusceptibility to damage. These properties make it so well-suited in the creation of optical tuning parts, and other components of elementary car equipment, alike. This Maxton Design spoiler cap is TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certified and comes ready for immediate mounting.

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