Maxton Design - Wide Body Kit BMW M2 F87

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Stand out with this incredible Wide Body Kit for your BMW M2 F87. (Years: 2016 - 2020)

Fits: BMW M2 F87 2016 - 2020


  • FRONT SPLITTER - Fiberglass
  • REAR SIDE SPLITTERS - Fiberglass

Maxton Design is a known and renown a producer of high-grade optical tuning components. The company focuses on designing and making aesthetic and innovative splitters, bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, and diffusers. Aided by such elements you can simultaneously take care of your vehicle’s visuals and aerodynamics. Maxton Design tuning is dedicated to a large selection of different car brands and BMW M2 F87 is among them. With this specific model in mind this modernized body kit was created to allow for comprehensive tuning. The set is comprised of 5 advanced and slick elements made of fiberglass.

Why should you choose the BMW M2 F87 body kit?
- it includes 5 high-end components
- it boosts aerodynamics
- it adds to the vehicles racing character
- it’s resistant to moisture

This inventive body kit for BMW M2 F87 contains 5 high-grade parts:
- front bumper
- rear bumper
- front splitter
- side skirts
- rear side splitters

In the manufacturing of these components we applied fiberglass. This material is durable, elastic, and insusceptible to the negative effects of atmospheric conditions, and it sees a broad usage in the automotive industry. It has been granted the TUV certification as a confirmation of is exceptional flair. Every element of the body kit is also coated with a UV-repelling layer.

The BMW M2 F87 body kit will allow you to neatly and functionally outfit your vehicle. The bumpers, side skirts, and splitters included in this set stand out with imaginative designs that will make your machine stand apart on the road even more. The kit is mainly comprised of items with aesthetic functions. They will easily refresh the machines looks by contributing to its racing style. The one component that influences aerodynamics is the front splitter. It causes the air flowing under the bumper to exert higher pressures on the front axle which effectively bolsters traction and stability. If you want to invest your money in an innovative optical tuning kit to help you equip your entire car you should definitely choose this set for BMW M2 F87. The product is very unique and will transform the presentation of your BMW giving you even more enjoyment out of driving it.

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