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Stand out with this incredible RacingLine Air Intake for all 2.0 TFSI R Engines. (Years: 2009 - 2017)

The highest-performing, race-bred cold-air induction systems for the 2.0 TFSI 'K04' engines in Golf 6R, Scirocco R, Audi S3 8P, Cupra R and the Golf 5 GTI Edition 30 and Pirelli Edition.


One of our most popular products is the VWR Cold-Air Intake System kit, enabling cold, dense air from outside the engine bay to reach the fuel metering unit more efficiently for the higher-output 2.0 TFSI K04 engines in Golf 6R, Scirocco R.

  • Our giant high-flow filter construction is simply the best filtration material on the market, and is the key to the power gains achieved.
  • Each filter is handmade in the UK.
  • Developed for use in our Volkswagen Racing cars, the system delivers really impressive airflow gains - as much as 9% higher at peak power than that of the original intake system.
  • By reducing turbo spool by up to 500rpm in some cases through the enhanced efficiency of the system, lightning fast turbo response is guaranteed. In our experience, no other intake kit gives higher gains.


  • Trifoam: Faster, for longer. The highest airflow of all filter types, for the best possible power for more of the time. As a high performance part, regular maintenance is essential to keep it at its very best.
  • Cotton:   Fit and forget. A robust 'fit and forget' filter that will last for years. It gives great initial power output but doesn't have the dust-loading capacity of Trifoam.

    Confirmed Applications

    Volkswagen Golf 6 R 2009-2014
    Volkswagen Golf 6 GTI ED35 2009-2014
    Volkswagen Scirocco R 2009-2017

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