Topcar Design - Full Body Kit Porsche 992 Stinger GTR 3.0

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Stand out with this Topcar Design Full Body Kit for all Porsche 992 Stinger GTR 3.0. Years: (2019 - Present)


It includes:

  • Front bumper, Visible carbon
  • Central air-intake, Visible carbon
  • Lip of the front bumper, Visible carbon
  • Side air ducts of the rear bumper, 2 pcs, Visible carbon
  • Side inserts of the front bumper 2 pcs, Visible carbon
  • Inserts under LED-lights, 2 pcs, Visible carbon
  • Frame for car number, Visible carbon
  • Hood, Visible carbon
  • Front fenders, 2pcs, Visible carbon
  • Front fender linings, 2 pcs. Visible carbon
  • Air ducts of the front fenders, 2 pcs, Visible carbon
  • Fuel tank flap, Visible carbon
  • Side skirts, bottom parts, 2 pcs, Visible carbon
  • Side skirts, top parts, 2 pcs, Visible carbon
  • Doors Visible carbon
  • Rear fenders, 2 pcs, Visible carbon
  • Air intakes of the rear fenders, 2 pcs, Visible carbon
  • Roof pillars , Visible carbon
  • Roof, Visible carbon
  • Rear bumper, Visible carbon
  • Side air ducts of the rear bumper, 2 pcs, Visible carbon
  • Rear bumper diffuser, Visible carbon
  • Strap STINGER rear bumper, Visible carbon
  • Podium Rear spoiler, Visible carbon
  • Rear spoiler, Visible carbon
  • Engine cover, Visible carbon
  • Set of the air vents of the engine, Visible carbon
  • Side mirrors Visible carbon


  • Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust with Black Tailpipes
  • Forged wheels RS edition (set of 4 wheels) front: 20х9 ЕТ32 rear: 21х11.5 ЕТ51 (Wheels mounted)
  • Advanced interior exclusive options

Porsche 992 Stinger GTR 3.0, the tuning package for the Porsche 992 Turbo / Turbo S is the most difficult project in the company’s history. This tuning package consists of 84 parts made of 4 layers of carbon fiber (external, internal and 2 structural layers). It is subject to changes of 100% of the surface of a car.

Development of this product took 10 months of work by a group of highly qualified specialists and thousands of hours of computer modeling. All this efforts has given us result as a product of the highest quality, the installation of which can be carried out anywhere in the world! The installation time will take only 7 -10 days! Limited to only 25 copies will be produced, available in different color combinations of the paint and carbon fiber. A combination of details in visible carbon fiber and primed for painting.

— Optionally, forged TopCar Design wheels and an Akrapovic titanium exhaust system or a full Kline Inconel exhaust system are available for ordering.
— In addition to the exterior, our company offers advanced interior tuning. The variety of different leather colors and carbon fiber patterns that can be matched to the exterior of the car will make each product exclusive.

Sale and installation around the world is possible only at our dealers or in certified auto workshops.
The queue for the production of the kit takes from 3 to 4 months.